Sunday, 3 September 2017

This IS The Last Days...Christians Wake Up ! 

This morning I woke up with a cold sweat ! 
                 God is talking to us brothers and sisters in Christ. He is telling us to be ready for His coming , He is telling us to get right with Him and light our lamps and shine our light in this dark world we are living in.

He is telling us to pray. He is telling us to be His hands and feet and proclaim the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His Holy Spirit is telling me that time is short. He is telling me that our Almighty Lord is coming soon to take His people home.

I do not care if I look a fool, for if I am a fool for Jesus then that's fine. I do not care if I am wrong about His coming , but if I am right and you were left behind because I did not warn,you I would know in my heart that I would have let you down.

The world is now having the birth pains of God;s coming judgment, things are going to get much worse unless the nations get down on their knees and repent and turn back to God. Jesus is waiting to receive as many people as possible into His Kingdom. His arms are open wide now, but they will not  be open very long. Time is very short and it;s time for the children of God to pray that the Lord comes quickly, so they may be spared the coming wrath of God.

I cannot emphasize this enough, get yourselves right with God, do not worry about things of this earth. Just concentrate on spiritual tasks. Listen to what God is saying to you personally, and be strong in Him, For if we are not with Him we are against Him and as God's people we must put on the full armor of God and be ready to expel the arrows of the enemy.

Our fight is not against people but against the darkness and wickedness of this world. Against the unseen forces that are behind our governments and our military. The unseen forces behind the one percent of people who own all the commodities that make up our earth. Those people who do not care about our lives, those people who worship the devil, and enjoy seeing the citizens of the world in turmoil and suffering. Those people who are rejoicing in evil and are destroying the world in their New World Order.

So brothers and sisters, it is time for us to get on our knees and pray for our families and our friends as well as those that do not know Jesus yet. For I have been told that God;s Holy Spirit will not prevail long on this earth, that soon He will be lifted off this earth when the bride is taken home.
You all know what that means or you should do. When that happens Satan will continue his plan for the New World Order. 

I do not know about you, but I feel weak, I need the filling of the Holy Spirit. I need God;s strength to stand against this darkness that is unfolding in this world. I need to read God;s Word and gain strength in that Word. I need to pray that I will not fall away, that I continue to be true to God;s Word as best I can. I need Jesus, there is nothing more I can say, I am weak but He is strong, use that strength brothers and sisters to see out these last days, use that strength to pray, worship and glorify His Holy  name. You know what you should be doing, you do not need me to tell you. 

You know that the world is being judged by God, the church first , and then to all those that do not believe and have turned their backs on God, who are lovers of themselves, who have shredded God;s Word and worship the darkness rather then the light. Who do evil in secret instead of bringing it into the light to be reproved by God. Time is short people..repent, believe and turn back to God now, while you still can.

I pray for all back-sliding Christians, I pray for all those whose lamps are empty, I pray for all those that do not know Jesus , I pray for all those who are in the grip of Satan. I pray in the name of Jesus against all principalities, powers and dark spirits in the air, release your hold on this world, let the light shine in , let every thing done in secret be revealed, Satan,your rule is coming to an end, the light and Glory of Jesus Christ is coming. Then comes judgment for you and all who follow you.
These are the Last Days, find Jesus while you can, believe and be saved Gospel of John Chapter 3 verse 16-21
"   16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned,but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. 19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. 21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God."...

Saturday, 2 July 2016

So,we are out of`s God`s will.

Hi, I believe it was right for us to leave the European Union, now let me tell you why I believe this.
The Bible says that the last Antichrist will be more evil then Hitler , Stalin and all the other Antichrist put together, as I have told you in my earlier posts.
I do not know who this will be, but I do believe he will be revealed soon, and will, through the power of the Devil bring about a New World Order which will have in it, a New World Religion, which everybody will have to follow. This will be made up of New Age Philosophy with bits of all religions (except Christianity) in it.
I do believe it will stem from the Vatican and all races will be forced to obey this satanic mix.
I believe because of our Christian roots, God has taken us out from this evil union to be spared of his wrath that will be poured out upon this satanic union when he gives judgement to the Earth. As a Christian, I see the signs of the Last Days and know that Jesus will be here soon to take us home. The inequity upon this planet is getting worse every day. There are homosexual marriages now, paedophilia is rife and there is corruption everywhere and sexual perversion of all kinds .God will not let this go on much longer, as it is an abomination to Him. As in the days of Noah, He will send judgement to the earth, and all those who have not accepted Jesus as their saviour will be destroyed. They will not die once, but twice. Their bodies will be destroyed then their souls will be thrown into the lake of fire which was reserved for the Devil and all who follow him.
       Be warned !
                      If you do not know Jesus as your Saviour through what he did for you on the cross, then you WILL be thrown into that lake of fire.
Read the bible, it is the TRUTH and the ONLY TRUTH, read the Gospel of John chapter 3 verse 16 and believe, better still, read the New Testament and see who Jesus is, for God does not want to throw any Human Beings into the lake of fire, He wants all people to know and be saved through His Son`s Blood which he gave for you, read the Gospels and see and believe, for time is short and soon it will be too late.
 Sodom and Gomorrah were being destroyed as Lot and his family were leaving the city. They had to run and not look back, and it says in the bible that when you see the sun darkened and the moon like  blood, to leave all your possessions behind and be ready for the Lord`s coming, are You ready ?

Satan has been very busy, especially in these last days, for he knows his time is short. He has brought in many false religions and bibles. He has even altered the precious word of God to confuse us Christians. I believe there is only one true version of the Bible and that is the original King James Version. Some "bibles" even omit the Sovereignty of Jesus as the only begotten Son of God, how blasphemous is that !
There are many "errors" that are in all other translations and I use that word loosely. For Satan has done this on purpose to confuse and bewilder whosoever reads the bible and is looking for the TRUTH.
They will only find the TRUTH in one translation of the Bible, and that is the original King James version, not even the New King James version is exempt from altered text. I must agree that the newer versions are easier to read, this again was done on purpose so that we obtained these versions and not the only TRUE version.
So do not be fooled ! the time of the Great Tribulation is near and many Born Again Christians will fall away from their Faith, and fall for Satan`s lies and worship the beast that shall be known soon. We have seen signs now of what is to come. In Belgium and France and America to, and many other countries. This is just the birth pains, be aware that things are going to be much worse in the days to come.
If you are a true believer and hold fast to your faith, do not fear, for Jesus has said He has overcome this world and Satan. That does not say that we will be spared persecution and possibly even death for our faith in Jesus, but that he will be with us always, and as we know and believe that our suffering cannot compare to the Glory that awaits us when we leave this world.
I`ll just finish with this... He that is in us is greater then he that is in the world.
Hold fast, for we do do not know the day or hour of His coming only our Father knows...just be ready, light the lamp of faith and let the Word of God be forever in your heart and mind. If you want a copy of the King James Bible you can find one here ... 

Monday, 15 July 2013

Why I Believe


First of all, what is faith ?. Faith is believing in something you cannot see, cannot touch but you know it is real. Who imparts this faith ?. You can put your faith in people, but are you sure that faith is sound? Will they let you down ? they could do.

There is only one thing, one certainty that man can have faith in. That is faith in believing and knowing that Jesus Christ lives !. By this faith in the only begotten Son of God you will have eternal life.Who says so ? none other then God the Father Himself. I am a weak person, physically I am a wreck. I have a  tear in my shoulder, arthritis of the spine, no teeth, bad vision and deafness. Yet I know by faith that one day my body will be perfect in every way, without blemish, without any defect at all. Not just my body though, my spirit as well will be renewed, made perfect by God`s mighty hand. God does not lie, He cannot lie, it`s not in His character. In God is perfect love, not the love of this world for that is a pale shadow of love.God wants you to experience this perfect love now before it is too late, as well as in everlasting fellowship with Him in eternal life.

God has said that not everybody will believe. That He has blinded the minds of those who live to gain riches, through corruption and deceit. Also all those who choose to live by their own rules or the devil`s. God hates vanity, and any form of evil. Anybody who does not accept what God has given through the blood of His only begotten Son will be judged for everything they have done during their lifetime. Are you ready to face the judgment of Almighty God ?.

There is one way, and only one way by which you can escape this judgment. That is by truly believing and accepting what Jesus Christ has done for you through His death and resurrection.

Hi, I have tried to explain why I believe. Now I will try to explain WHAT I believe and why.

First of all , I believe in the creation story in the Bible. Why I believe is because it makes more sense then the story of evolution. If man evolved from apes why are chimpanzees so dumb ? Yes, you can teach them how to USE a computer, but you could never teach them how to read and write to the extent that they could compose a simple letter to Santa Claus ! or teach them how to build a computer, no matter how much time it takes. Also chimps will never be able to talk as we do, they have no voice box or vocal chords, the noises a chimp makes comes through inhaling and exhaling air.

I could be here writing for ever telling you what I believe and why. If you want to know why I believe, please ask me any questions, and by the power of God`s Spirit in me, not by my own thinking but His I will answer you but God will supply my words.

God will not lie or distort the truth, for He wants YOU to know the truth, He wants YOU to be saved so YOU can fellowship with Him for ever in His perfect love. Not that You loved Him, but that He loves YOU more then you could ever know. He has proved this by letting His only Son die for YOU so you can have this perfect relationship with Him, our perfect Creator....To God be the Glory ,for ever and ever ....Amen.

 Doesn`t it make more sense that mankind was perfect in the first place, created by a Divine being who loves and cares for us so much that He created a perfect plan in order for us to see how much He truly loves us. By showing us His perfect character in His Son Jesus Christ, by proving to us, who doesn`t deserve to live let alone fellowship with Him for ever, that perfect way by which we can be with Him and know everything that He knows, for God has said in the person of Jesus Christ that He is the way, the truth and the life, there is no other way.

 Pilate said "what is truth ? "... The truth is , Jesus, God the Father and the Holy Spirit are THE one and only true God there has ever been or will be, man has invented the rest either through his ignorance or his unbelief in the Son of God by believing the devil`s lies, and the only way that leads to salvation.


  God has chosen those that He wants in His Kingdom, long before the world was even created. He doesn`t want slaves that need to obey Him. He wants people to obey Him because they want to obey Him, those that know and love Him and realize how great and wonderful and loving He truly is. Are you one those chosen ones ?. Is God calling you ?. Ask Jesus to open the door to your heart and let Him in. He is the only way to eternal life, there is no other way....Believe and be saved. Amen

 If you do not have a Bible, there is an on line one for you here...... 

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Give us our daily bread


What I am going to talk about today is very controversial, and many people will disagree with me on this subject.

 I do believe when you have that revelation, that true joy and fire in your heart, that you confess your sins to Almighty God and believe truly that Jesus died for you, taking all your sin upon Himself so that you may have eternal life, and that He rose from the grave and now sits at the right hand of the Father in Heaven. If you truly believe this then you are saved, you are in God`s hands, and nothing here on earth or nothing here below or above the earth can alter that fact.

 There are many Christians today who believe that you must carry on as a disciple in order to be saved, that you must read your Bible every day and pray constantly and do good works in the church. This is false doctrine, nothing else is needed then to truly believe in your heart what Jesus has done for you on the cross and at His resurrection. I am not saying that it is not good to read the Bible every day, or to do good works for people every day, because it is. But if you believe you have to do this then you are wrong.

 Surely this is undermining the reason why Jesus came to the earth, He came to bring salvation not a doctrine, not everybody will be saved who cry out lord, lord. What did Jesus mean by this statement, did He mean that those who truly believe in Him would be turned away ? of course not ! What He meant was that there will be many people who support and follow a religion that believes in one God but does not accept Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God.

Satan has blinded and confused mankind by raising up many religions, these religions contradict each other, and distort the true word of God which is the Holy Bible, the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

There are many religions today that believe Jesus Christ was just a prophet sent by God, a mortal man who now lies in a grave somewhere. This is so wrong, they believe in God but do not believe in the Trinity of God, There are three parts that make up our awesome, wonderful God and they are all equal, all one.

Also, there are many religions that worship a man or woman or some created object, such as the sun or the virgin Mary. God looks at this and sees them worshiping idols and not Him. There are those that have made their religion a football team or a pop idol, but still believe in a god, but not the Trinity.

These are the people, and there are many millions of them who cry out lord, and will not be heard by God because they have not believed in their heart that Jesus is the Son of God, and not confessed their sins and received redemption for them by Jesus`s death and resurrection. These are the people that will be left behind at the time of the Rapture, these are the people that will have to go through the Great Tribulation and then they will see the truth, but many will follow the new religion in fear of their lives, instead of trusting in God and believing in Jesus to save them.

There are billions of people who follow a religion which does not include the only way to salvation, the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. The devil is responsible for this, he has done this deliberately so that mankind would be confused and bewildered and not believe in Jesus. Christianity is not a religion, it is a way of life. A way that leads to eternal life, by believing the Bible instead of the devil`s lies and false teaching. It is a way laid down by God to show us the best way to live by believing in His Word and not the lies of man or the devil. Living this way is good and with God`s help we can overcome the power and the hold that the devil has over us, but God has made it crystal clear. There is only one way we can be saved, not by living as a Christian but by believing as a Christian.  ......Believe and be saved....Thank You Jesus, Amen

 If you do not have a Bible, there is an on line one for you here...... 


Monday, 1 July 2013

How I Was Saved


I was a weak young man, spiritually as well as physically. I didn`t believe in anything God, the devil, I just wanted to have a good time ; never mind the consequences.

  I had no self confidence whatsoever, although when I started work, my confidence did improve, but not by much. I was thin, very thin and used to wear jumpers under my shirt to make my self look bigger. No, I did not like myself very much, in fact I would say that I hated myself. No self esteem at all, I found it hard to make friends and form relationships, because I was so shy and without confidence. I became a heavy smoker and gambler, I played the fruit machines, sometimes I lost all my wages, including my keep. Then I had to borrow money off work colleagues so I could give my parents my keep, it was a vicious circle, sometimes I would win the jackpot and then proceed to put it all back in. I did not know why I did this,I was hopelessly addicted to those machines, and because of this and the smoking never had any money.

This all drove me to the brink of suicide, I tried to cut my wrists but never even had the " courage " to do that. I used to cry myself to sleep, feeling inadequate and alone in my suffering. I couldn`t see any way out, any way in which I could go on living.

What I didn`t know was that this was all part of God`s plan for my life. Sometimes you have to be in a position like this to hear what God is saying to you. God used a young man where I worked called Clive, to bring me to Him. This young man saw the state I was in ,as I was unshaven and hadn`t had a decent night`s sleep for weeks. He asked me if I was o.k. and I said no and began to tell him all about my life, the addictions and the attempted suicides also how I was crying myself to sleep.

He listened to me, here I was pouring out my life to a person whom I hardly knew.I knew Clive was a Christian, but didn`t really know what a Christian was. I thought, as many people thought, that he was just a "bible puncher" pushing his religion at people and annoying them.

Clive listened attentively, listening to every word I said. He never interrupted me, just waited for to finish what I was saying. Then he asked me if I have ever heard of Jesus. I said I knew of Him, because I won religious knowledge prizes at school,so I knew He was a prophet or something and He died on a cross. Clive then proceeded to tell me who Jesus was and what He did for me through His death and resurrection. I didn`t really take what he said in, and he could see I was confused, so, he wrote down a few Bible verses for me to read when I got home.

 To cut a long story short, I found my old Bible, the one I had won for a peek prize many years ago, I do not think that I ever opened it. I went to bed early, which in itself was unusual, as most times I used to stay up watching t.v. until the national anthem came on at the end of the broadcast.

  I started to read the gospel verses that Clive had wrote down, nothing made much sense, then I  came to the part where Jesus healed the man with the withered hand, it was like suddenly I was there, standing beside this poor man, I saw the man`s hand being healed. I saw the bones forming ,then the veins and sinews and the skin stretching over the bones as Jesus touched him, and then I had a revelation, if this Jesus could do this then HE MUST BE THE SON OF GOD  Suddenly my room was filled with light, so bright I had to shield my eyes. Then I heard a voice, this voice said one word " Colin" my name. I knew then I was saved, I knew then I had changed, in an instant Jesus had called my name, and I was filled with so much joy it was overwhelming. 

 The following Sunday I couldn`t wait to get to a church and tell everybody I was saved. I sang, and as I sang tears were rolling down my cheeks. I knew that God was softening my heart, giving me His love and His truth, the truth of the gospel of Jesus, God`s only begotten Son.

 Within a short space of time the addiction to gambling was gone.I was no longer held by the devil in this area. God had taken this addiction from me .

There are still lots of things in my life that need to be dealt with, I will always be a sinner while I am in this body, and will continue to sin although I will try  not to. For I love Jesus and know what He has done for me, because He loves me and chose to die for me, I will try not to sin, but seek the way out that God has provided for me.

  . I have learned many thing now, but still have lots to learn about the way God uses people to do His work,to destroy the plans of the devil. The devil is defeated, Jesus achieved victory at the cross and His resurrection, the problem is the devil does not know that he is defeated, and there is nothing he can do to avert his fate that awaits him and those that follow him. Which is eternal damnation in the lake of fire.

Now I am free from the addiction of tobacco, again, I give God all the glory. I just want to move forward in Christ now, to know Him more to be more like Him, and to Praise and Glorify His wonderful name, for there is no other name under heaven by which you can be saved.....Believe and be Saved..

 If you do not have a Bible, there is an on line one for you here......   


Friday, 28 June 2013

What is the Rapture and when will it happen ?



We are living in the end times,and there is coming a time of great tribulation to this earth. The Born Again Christians living through this time will suffer great persecution and because of this, many will fall away from their Faith. But there will be Christians alive on the earth when Jesus comes back to claim his people ( which is known as the rapture). The bible says that there will be great falling away ,then the sun and moon will be darkened and stars shall fall from the sky, also there will be a severe earthquake which will shake the whole earth. Then Jesus will come in the clouds of Heaven and the whole universe will see his Glory as it will light up the sky from one end of the universe to the other.Then, He will take his church off the earth, those who have died first then the living will be taken to meet our Lord Jesus in the air. After this God will pour out his wrath upon the earth against all unbelievers and evil doers . 

  Jesus Christ will come soon, whether it will happen in my lifetime I am not sure.But all the signs that are happening, in the heavens and on the earth point to this being the end of days. Nature has turned on it`s head, we are seeing now the worst spell of weather events since records began. Hurricanes ,earthquakes, famines, floods and  epidemics are at an all time high. Strange sights are being seen in the sky, the sea is turning red like blood and many fish and aquatic mammals are dying.The prophecies of the book of Revelation are happening now !

There is increasing conflict in the Middle East,from Turkey right through the region. Threats of war exist from many countries,some who have the capability to wage war on a nuclear scale.This is all prophesied in the Bible, from the increase in bad weather to the conflicts in the Middle East.

 God does not lie, He will not lie to you, He loves you and wants you to turn away from sin, accept what His Son did for you at the cross and at his resurrection. Ask Him to forgive you and accept His gift of eternal life, this is reality friends, this is the TRUTH. Do not let the devil win in your life, he is already defeated, do not believe his lies, his deceit.

 Jesus has won the victory for you, I do think that Jesus is coming in my life time, I do not know why, for no one knows the time,only God the Father, I just see what is happening in the world today and compare it to the end times in Revelation, the last book of the Bible, and it is the same. All prophecy is being fulfilled, just as it has from the beginning of time....Believe and be Saved...Amen

 If you do not have a Bible, there is an on line one for you here......   

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

They Said It Must Never Happen Again...But It Is !



    The Third Reich was probably the most vicious and the most fanatical of all the Fascist regimes that have emerged in modern times. Certain branches of it ,such as the Waffen SS were so inhuman, so without conscience that they slaughtered millions of people without batting an eyelid. Since that time, the time of the Holocaust man has said that this inhumane Genocide must never be allowed to happen again.

The TRUTH is it IS happening again, just like before, everything is being done in secret.

  The Illuminati are building huge private police forces and armies, militia made up of foreign soldiers Trained killers who have no compunction about killing ordinary citizens, an army that will obey orders without question, without mercy, without compassion and on a scale that has never been seen before.These orders will come from one man. One man who has been given complete authority by the devil, to do his handiwork.

( God has allowed this so that all prophecy can be fulfilled, so people will know that He is in control, and the Bible is the believe and be saved.) 

There are internment camps being built, and they are going to bring back the guillotine. Why ? you are probably asking, why the guillotine. Well, the guillotine beheads people leaving the body intact so that all the organs will be fresh and can be sold, the Illuminati are not going to waste a thing, they want the population reduced by 90%. They want you as slaves, hard labour to build their camps and railways and roads. Does this sound familar, also they are going to gas millions of people in the camps, do not take my word for it just type in Illuminati death camps on YouTube and see for yourself. 

There is a monument in Georgia U.S.A. that has written on it in several different languages a list . This list is the Illuminati`s plan to bring in their New World Order,this is what is written:-

the message of the Georgia Guidestones











Sounds good to a point, but when you study it, when you put alongside the truth of the Bible then you can see how satanic it really is.

    First,they want the population down by 90%. Second they want to clone your children to have a unique race of super humans, brainwashing them so they can serve the Illuminati. Third, do away with all languages, just have one language,doing away with sovereignty, no one will have an excuse not to obey them then. Fourth, just do what you want, doesn`t matter who gets hurt along the way, just do what ever feels good to you. The next six are just lies designed to take away your freedom and your rights, turning mans eyes away from the real truth of the gospel ,getting mankind to worship nature and themselves instead of God. This is all part of the devil`s plan to get man as far from God`s love as possible, so that he can rule over them completely, enslaving them to his doctrine, his lies.

All this is opposite to what God wants to give you ,which is true peace,true freedom, through His great Love for you. Which He has proven by giving us His Only Begotten Son to die for us, to save us from God`s righteous judgment for our sins. Not only this He has given you the way to have Eternal Life, what more can you ask of Him ? 

God`s heart is crying out to you, my heart is crying out to you. I see you all every day walking to work, going out having fun, just living normal everyday lives, but meanwhile behind the guise of a New World Order that they say will bring peace and stability, and an end to poverty in this world is such evil intent, that when it surfaces the world will bleed and cry out to God to save them.

  The Bible warns of this time,everything is being readied to bring in this New World Order. All things are almost in place, there is an African union, a European union and soon to be Asian union, there is already in motion in the U.S.A.  a treaty to unite North and South America. All they have to do then is put them all together, there is the New World Order  ....... 

The devil is real, the Illuminati is real, but most of all Jesus Christ is real, and His gospel is the TRUTH, the ONLY TRUTH.

  Believe in your heart, that Jesus has saved you from your sins, ask Him to forgive you, and He will. For there is no other name in which you can be saved from what is to come, He has done all that is required, so that you can have everlasting life. He alone took your sin and nailed it to that cross when He died for you, and then rose from the grave, and now sits at the right hand of God the Father in Heaven......Believe and be saved, God loves you,...Amen

If you do not have a Bible, there is an on line one for you here......

Why I Believe

Hi First of all, what is faith ?. Faith is believing in something you cannot see, cannot touch but you know it is real. Who imparts this ...